About Me

Hey, come on in.

My name is Alissa. Since you clicked on the "About Me" tab I am going to selfishly assume you are interested in learning a little more. But like any proper introduction, I'd also love to learn a little more about you as well, so please fill me in on who you are and how you ended up in my little corner of the world!
This blog exists mostly as an outlet for me to explore my adventures through subject matter that interests me. I know, pretty vague, but I would have to say that's on purpose. You will find content my content has a giant gaping hole in it. After my dad died I took a pretty hefty hiatus, then just never jumped back in, until now.

Originally from Lockport, NY, I've been living in Providence, RI long enough to think crossing the border into Massachusetts is a day trip, but not long enough to have explored every new and exciting cranny and crevice. 

I am a travel agent full time and a wanderer for a life time. A Christian and a member of my local church in Providence, Grace Harbor. Wife to brilliantly persistent man from Washington state (our story is outrageous and providential).

Obsessed with Settlers of Catan. #expansionpackYo!

My favorite Saturday activity is going to Barnes and Noble with my husband, getting coffee, and reading business, decor, and travel magazines. Seriously, I get a stack of like 20 of them.

You can probably tell that I love traveling.
(Greece, 2009)

 (Russia, 2009, 2011, 2012)

That pretty much does it for now, thanks!

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