Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Death at JWU Providence

 *This is just me being curious and investigative. I possess no power or authority in the situation. In respect for this whole issue, feel free not to leave any rude comments.*

Hey all. So quick update. This evenning I found out that a student from the Johnson & Wales University's Providence campus has died unexpectedly tonight. There are alot of rumors going around right now but the actual death has been reported through many trusted sources as being true.

Please pray for the family, as they are still being notified. Also pray for the students roommates.

Im not sure if she lived in the residence hall known as "The Cove" but I know that is where everything went down tonight.  I know that students residing in the Cove have had floor meetings, and that people are not allowed back in for the night if they weren't already there when the incident happened.

In the next 24 hours JWU will be sending out a network wide email with as many details as they deem necessary to share. Just from the people that I have talked to tonight, the whole campus is starting to become quite shaken by the situation.

Pray. and I will keep updating as I find out news.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have new information. My daughter lives in that building and was so distraught last night. You seem to be the only source of news about this so far. We are keeping this young lady, her family and her friends in our thougths. Any update at all would be welcome. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

To: Providence Campus Community From: Ronald Martel, Ph.D. Vice President, Student Affairs Date: October 28, 2009 Re Bereavement Notice of JWU Student

It is with sadness that I inform you of the sudden passing of Johnson & Wales University student, Franki Triano. Franki, who is from Leawood, Kansas, recently transferred from the Charlotte Campus to Providence as a student in our College of Business.

I have spoken to her family and have extended the thoughts and prayers of our community.

For those who need support during this difficult time, campus counseling services are available at

At this time, the university does not know the cause of death.

Anonymous said...

been confirmed from students that live near and with her that she died of overdose