Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Death at JWU Providence Update 1

 *This is just me being curious and investigative. I possess no power or authority in the situation. In respect for this whole issue, feel free not to leave any rude comments.*

At this current time I have no more news that what I had last night. There are still alot of rumors going around and it is impossible at this time to reliably figure out anything specific like cause of death or who specifically found her.

I received this email from JWU:
To: Providence Campus Community
From: Ronald Martel, Ph.D.
Vice President, Student Affairs

Date: October 28, 2009
Re Bereavement Notice of JWU Student

It is with sadness that I inform you of the sudden passing of Johnson & Wales University student, Franki Triano. Franki, who is from Leawood, Kansas, recently transferred from the Charlotte Campus to Providence as a student in our College of Business.

 I have spoken to her family and have extended the thoughts and prayers of our community.

 For those who need support during this difficult time, campus counseling services are available at

At this time, the university does not know the cause of death.

I am pretty sure that no one else was in any way injured or hurt. I also know that JWU and Residential Life are doing everything they can to create a peaceful, safe, and healthy environment for students at the Cove, also university wide.  They also took many precautions to protect students from witnessing anything graphic regarding the police investigation.

As I hear new develoments I will be posting them here.


Anonymous said...

What happen to dear Franki was a terrible accident.
All of us who loved her or people dear to her appreciate how you have delicately handled this news.

Franki was a wonderful person,
a thoughtful writer, an excellent chef, a beautiful soul and a creature who possessed a temperament so alive that others drew great warmth from her.

She was a victim of something that could have happened to any one of us in younger more experimental times, many of us walked this same line in our youth. Franki was taken this way and a hole was left behind.

Franki has a very loving family,
kind parents who knew their child well,
two beautiful sisters who adored their baby sibling and a warm inviting home that is open to all of the Triano children and anyone that they may be fond of.
The days following Franki's passing were filled in by an endless river of mourners and helpers who were doing what they could to cope and help others do the same together.

That house will always be a few degrees cooler now,
sisters will have 1/3 less giggles around table together
and there will always be a few extra meatballs that belonged to
the future Miss Triano....
many holes,
many holes.
Please continue to keep them all in your prayers,
for when it is no longer hype-news the family never forgets the changes they missed seeing their loved one go through.
Thank you to all who have been kind and careful in the matter of
dear little Franki Triano.

Anonymous said...

That was on of the most beautiful things someone could do for such a special person. Franki was such an amazing person whom i thought i would never live without. I still think about it like it was yesterday, we were just running around as kids and then growing on to spending summers togeher and spaghetti on sundays. I miss Franki so much and i want her family to know that i am there for them as well as how much i need them there for me. Theres a piece of me that left when Franki died and when im around the Trianos that piece for that moment almost feels whole again. I believe that theres a little bit of Franki in all of us whom were close to her and if we stick together then thats a whole lotta Franki! Such a small person had such a great impact on everyone she knew, atleast for me anyway. Franki brought the best out of me whenever we were together and all i want is to let her know what she truley ment to me. Franki i love you and always will.
~Fly on little wing~