Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Memories

Hoorah!  Tonight me and my roommates are having a party! Its a party full of fun times, great food, and awesome friends. I cannot wait! I remember my first Halloween in Providence, living downtown in the freshmen dorm. It was out of control. Since the clubs and bars are all right there, it was a crazy night full of people who feel the urge to wear a little strip of clothing along with a mask and call it a costume. Oh man. And then they get their drink on and hit up the clubs and house parties. Well, let me just say that I dont miss living downtown.
Last night my roommates carved some pumpkins and I roasted the seeds into a tasty treat for this evenning. Im also making my famous hummus and the classic taco dip. Kim is making cupcakes. Elyse is bring the games. Good times for everyone!

I was thinking about Halloween in the past and a few random things came to memory.

Hallelujah Night at the Kenan Center! All the fun of hundreds of kids coming for a safe and exciting night of games and candy, all the booths and the puppet show! What fun!!! That event happened for years and years. And they eventually moved it to the CAWNY building. I dont know if they still have it ever, but it was a definite memory in my head.

Horse-O-Ween at the Rider's farm. When I was in my horse back riding phase, the barn I rode at had a really fun event. Every year you would craft a costume for your favorite horse. One year I dressed up Shortcake, a small black pony, as a lady bug. Another year I dressed up Timber, a beautiful chestnut quarter horse, as a Knight in Shining Armor. Then we would play games and have costume competitions with the horses. My favorite game was "Horse Apple Bobbing." The horses would stick their faces in and try to get apples, and whoever got one the fastest won! Then Mr Rider would start up the tractor and get everyone on for a hayride and a bonfire in the back field. Memories of the brisk air, scent of horse barn, and hot spicy apple cider bring me right back to those fun nights.

I was also thinking of some costumes I have had in the past and I remember all the ridiculous things that me and Kailey did. One year I was Bob the Builder. (I think because my dad had a hard hat). Ive been a pumpkin, a cucumber princess (I wore head to toe green and wore a crown.. I dont know why), a horseback rider, an artist, a princess, the list goes on. Ahhh the memories.

My neighborhood was a prime trick or treating place to be. My sister, the boys down the street, and I would all get together and go around to all the houses. There was the crazy lady at the end of the street who would give away quarters instead of candy. Then you had the family on Nickel St that would give away creepy religious literature. On Ransom Street you had the creepiest house ever and a man would sit on his porch, except he looked really fake, and when you would go up to ring the doorbell he would JUMP up and scare the daylights out of you.

Ive never really seen Halloween as anything other than a fun night with family and friends. Some people take it to extremes- either its the devils night and you have to bunker down and pray against demons- which is a little ridiculous. Or its about gathering as much black and ghoulish things together, or its a huge party and you have to pay a million dollars for a skanky costume and get drunk in order to have fun- which is also a little ridiculous. In my opinion, just relax and have fun. Dont take it to an extreme or apply unecessary meanings to it.

I wish I had pictures from my childhood Halloween celebrations.
Hope you have a good one all!

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