Monday, June 29, 2009

Madd Tatttz.

These are just a few of the tattoos that I have had over the years. Sometimes, I just cant fight the urge. =)

 hearts stars and horsehoes, clovers and blue moons, drops of gold and rainbows, and me red balloons. 

i love anchors.

who doesnt love a nice triabl tat

reduce reuse recycle!

*on shoulder.

Tomorrow: Will probably walk up and give me a punch in the face.

I start Micrcoeconomics class tomorrow. 8-10:30.

Im pumped that it gets me awake before noon. I am not pumped about the class.

I also work tomorrow. Both jobs. Its totally cool though. Not a biggie. lol.

I just kind of feel sick to my stomach.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

today literally walked up out of nowhwere and gave me a big delightful hug.

What a great day! I am just overall happy and satisfied and content. How blessed I am. I didnt even have any sort of high hopes for this day at all, just planning to hang out, maybe nap, which would have been great too, but things turn an exciting turn for the amazing.

Chimene came down from B-t MA and I grabbed breakfast with her and Vivien and some other friends. Practicum reunion. Was great to see them again. Then I went over to the McKays house and was going to help them puppysit a 9 month old beagle named Gunther. But Melissa, our friend Rachel, and I ended up taking Silas, the cutest kid in the world, along with the dog, over to Lincoln Woods. Its a beautiful naturey park with a huge lake, hiking trails, walking paths, beaches, docks, rocks, awesomeness, and its located only minutes away from Providence. Why have I not known about this place before? Darn it. Im in love with it though. So we played in the sand on the beach a bit and then took a walk to the other side of the lake. Gunther kept eating goose poop, it was funny. 

We stopped at 7/11 after and got slurpees or whatever they are called. It was 80 degrees out today. Much needed. Then I just hung out with Melissa and Silas for a bit, working on children's church stuff for tomorrow morning (and watching thomas the tank engine movies!!). Kevin, Vega, and Isaac joined us for a delicious dinner of pizza (yum hawaiian pizza)! Then I watched an Elmo movie with Silas and Gunther, which was all about how to jump, and how to raise your hand in class. It was amazing. 

Now Im just hanging out. I dug up enough quarters to do laundry. Which is exciting. 

So maybe this day doesnt sound like a delight to you. But it surely was to me. Being in the out doors, playing with a cute kid and puppy, having some great woman friends, eating some great pizza, serving the local church body, dang.. cant beat it. Nope. not at all.

                                                                                                                Silas and Gunther

Friday, June 26, 2009

Early Morning Interests by Kailey

So there is this awesome thing called Improv Everywhere and they do hilarious things in large cities all over and they are amazing. This is my favorite one: haha watch them all. good stuff.

UPDATE: Here is the most awkward video... Human Slinky it's so freaking weird

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top Ten Random Search Topics on Google that sent people to this blog:

Top Ten Random search topics on Google that sent people to this blog:

1. Does jwu supply knives? [sorry cant help you with that.]

2. Satan hates me [dear god]

3. spogga twitter [oh my goodness.]

4. Son dang [why would you search son dang on google?]

5. Lee Strobel [well, ive referenced him before]

6. AAASNE [aaa southern new england.. interned there.]

7. Can you take cupcakes through airport security. [HAHA REALLY?]

8. have you met them before befriend facebook [ummm.. awkward]

9. history teacher for international school [lol]

10. how good is wales university? [itsss GREAT! not really i have no clue]

Random Rursday.

**Ridiculous Link./ RT from Postsecret twitter:
Celebrities Upside Down Pictures

**She’s 6-foot-6, 480 pounds ... and still growing
Tanya Angus, 30, has rare disorder that causes uncontrolled growth

**Awkward Family Photos
Click Here

**Fail Dogs
Addiction Can be Ugly

Random Dream: So I had a dream last night that ws quite epic. My grandpa had told me and my sister that we needed to drive his old motorcycle down to Washington DC. Well, super I thought, sounds great. But for some reason we were leaving around 4pm, when it takes a while to get there, and we had to wait in line at this recreational park, but there were alot of elderly people in line before us. So Kailey sat side saddle while we drove to Minard St. And I was trying to text my friend Nathan who lives in DC, but my phone wasnt letting me text the right words. And I was getting angry because I didnt want to go all the way to DC is I couldnt hang out with nathan. So we are standin in the driveway at Minard St, when this lady pulls up, gets out of her car and hands me a basket. "While you were waiting in line at the recreational park, we picked your name and you wont a prize basket!" In it there was a candle that smelled like feta cheese and coloring books. Well whoop de do. But then me and kailey decided not to drive there because we didnt have a change of clothes. And I was angry that my phone was not working. End of dream.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smart Shopper Tips

Hey people, it's Kailey!

So Family Dollar is the most amazing place ever! The people are nice, and the ulcer I got while working at Tops is gone! And the customers are friendlier and generally more pleasant, and I love when the little kids are there and say 'hi...hi...hi...hi...hi', hehe, so cute!

But there are those few people...

So here are some smart-shopper tips for those of you who don't enjoy being cussed out by employees behind your back:

1. If you plan on paying with a debit card, and you don't know your PIN, don't wait until all of your items have been rung up and there is now a line behind you to call someone to look for that piece of paper that's in the right hand drawer of your desk that has all that other writing on it...or maybe it's in that folder under the table...

2. The cashier does NOT know every specific item that is in the store. Try asking for more general things, like 'curtains' instead of 'Those purple drapes with the lace that go like this and the ties that are you know which ones I mean?', Also, we might have them in the back room, but I don't have time to stop everything and dig through 100 boxes to find them. Come back in a few days.

3. If you decide you don't want an item after picking it up, and you don't remember where it came from, do not hide it on some random shelves behind the Cheez-Its. Give it to the cashier, it will be super duper appreciated as opposed to finding it at the end of the day. K thanks.

4. If you walk into the store and someone says, 'just so you know we close in five minutes' you should just leave. Don't wander around the store browsing at all the things you might want, because you should leave when that five minutes are up because we close. and we don't want to be cashing your $200 worth of stuff ten minutes after we close. That happened to me today, and It was annoying.

5. If you try and return clothing items that we haven't sold for 5 years...we won't take it. Don't be a greedy fool. Also, if we do still carry it, but you have been obviously wearing it for the last 5 years, and you claim that all the wear happened when you but it through the washing machine and you 'lost' your receipt, you lie, and we won't take it. Don't be a stupid greedy fool.

1am and Guacamole

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my sleep schedule is even more ridiculous now. I accidently fell asleep today around 6:30pm. And then woke up around.. oh.. midnight. So thats a fun time.

So, being all crazy and such, I decided to make some Guacamole! Yum! This morning I went grocery shopping with Melissa at Trader Joes! The most amazing place in the world. They sell these guacamole kits for mad cheap that come with avacados, tomatoes, garlic, lime, and hot peppers. You just meticulously craft it to your taste. 

Well! After meticulously crafting it to my taste, aka putting everything in a bowl and mushing it together (without reading any instructions..) I would say it came out pretty dandy for a first time attempt. I love it. Although something is still just a tad awry, and after reading some recipes online, I decided I might add some more tomatos, and a tadbit more lime juice. I might get a little crazy and add some cottage cheese as well and mushing it into a little smoother consistency. 

If you have the interest, please check out THIS link for a tasty recipe. 

All while taming the cat of doom. He knocked over a full water glass on the table and continued to lap it up furiously. Then I remembered that I hadnt given him any water in a while. oops.

Ok, sweet dreams. (hopefully for me too!)


Monday, June 22, 2009

Suggested Reading: Shopping for Time

So I am currently reading:
Shopping for Time: How to do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed
By Carolyn Mahaney, Micole whitacre, Kistin Chesemore, Janelle Bradshaw

Its a great little book that offers ridiculously amazing insights on literally, how to do it all and not be overwhelmed. Alot of women today feel overwhelmed, miserable, exhausted. I can atest. During the school year I have a full course load, 30 hours of work a week, multiple student leadership roles, not to mention church events and fellowship. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the hours I spend taking the bus to and fro, as well as the hours that I just want to spend numbing my brain by reading magazines or blogs or checking my facebook and twitter. I am the first to say that I probably do not manage my time to the best extent. The first verse that this book challenges us with is:
Ephesians 5:15-16
"Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best
use of the time, because the days are evil."

"We are not to trudge blindly or routinely through ours days. We shouldnt just let life happen and try to deal with the results. We should not allow one day to simply flow into the next, being concerned only with the present moment. No, we must look around. We must develop keen eyes. We must examine our lives. We must evaluate our present manner of living and consider how to prepare for the future. We must walk circumspectly through each and every day."

Well said. This book is a great resource for any woman with alot on her plate. The chapters cover rising early, sitting still, planning, evaluating relationships carefully, and being productive in daily life.
I recommend it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey 5am, how are you?

the most awkward video ever.

Yes it is 4:50am right now. And yes I am eating cheerios. I am sitting on my bed right now, not really that tired, which is kind of disappointing. I might be spelling everything wrong right now, which is ok. 

Understand that friends come and go,
but with a precious few you should hold on.
Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, 
because the older you get, 
the more you need the people who knew you 
when you were young.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up?

There are some things that I have always wanted to do with my life. Some are newly formed ideas, others are ideas obtained in childhood that have stayed with me.

1. Travel. Obviously. hi. Global Tourism major here...

2. Be a Private Investigator. We all know I hold this talent. And I really really think I could succeed at it.
3. Real Estate Agent. I am obsessed with looking up houses online, and I love to go through different houses/apartments. I think its the most fascinating thing in the world. I love to see the possibilities that a new abode could hold for someone, and getting people excited about it.

4. Professional Explorer. Can they pay me to sail around the world exploring new places? I would totally be all over that.

5. Missionary/ ESL Teacher. No joke. I really love people who speak other languages, and not that I think that English is the best language or something, but its definitely something that can bond two people together. Most people know atleast a few words, and its exciting to see how you can connect with someone with such a limited scope of words. I also think it is a good way to reach people for the gospel.

6. High School History Teacher / College Geography Professor. I dont know which one. I really want to teach. And I like the idea of having an impact on young minds. If I were to teach highschool, I would want to teach in an international school.

7. Professional Crossing Guard. No joke.

8. Admissions Representative for a University. I think it would be super fun to travel around and go to different schools and talk to them about colleges and give them free pens and info and such.

Of course, while these are great options, Im not boxed in and if I felt God was leading me to do anything else, I would gladly follow. At the moment these are just some possibilites.

Is there a way to combine all of these into one career?

When you were a kid what was one job that you really wanted to do? When I was a kid I seriously wanted to be a crossing guard. I still kind of do. I dont know why.

Recommended Reading:
Just Do Something By Kevin DeYoung
A Liberating Approach to Findings Gods Will

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And God For the Win.

So this problem of sin. Its terrible. It plagues us all. Dont even pretend it doesnt.

But just as its got you wrapped up by the neck, ready to dive in again, out of sheer habbit or weakness.... Trapped against a corner...

Its God for the win. He hears our silent prayer. He sees us crying out for help. He gives us an escape route. Always.

We just have to choose it.

And He knows that we can't do it on our own.

Get behind me Satan. you freaking beast of death..

Its God for the win.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If I were the Mayor (which we all know I will be someday..)

Greater City Providence (probably my most favorite website regarding Prov and RI...) wrote a fun article about the US Convention of Mayors which is taking place in Prov, and if we were the mayor what would we show the others mayors about our city.

Go check it out and add to the discussion. Here.

5 Simple Phone Courtesies

1. When you call someone, know why you are calling.
ex: "Hello how can I direct your call?"
" Oh, hello.. um wait Im not sure, one second.... MOOOOOOM, why am I calling again??.."

2. Dont have extra loud gangster music playing in the background and then scream into the phone that you cant hear the other person.

3. When you start talking on the phone, dont switch to speaker phone and then start texting. Not cool.

4. Wait for the other person to finish what they are saying before you butt in.
ex: "Good afternoon Johnson and ..
"IS this JOHNSON and WALES University?"
(if you would have listened I would have continued to say Johnson and Wales University how can I direct your call."

5. If you are calling a university (or business, agency, bank, etc etc) to ask about admissions status (or if you were hired, if your loan went through, etc etc) Probably should talk using decent english.
Example: "Yo! Whatsup. So I was like umm wondering like I dont know if my app got looked at for like college."

Just saying.

Monday, June 15, 2009

People You Should be Friends with on Facebook. (add them while you can)

1. Your best friend. Duh. Add them.

2. Someone you repeatedly talked to in the last month and hope to talk to them in the next month. Add them.

3. You work with them or worked with them and still keep in contact. Add them.

4. You met them through a club or organization and want to stay plugged in to that club or organization. Add them.

5. You have class with them, have talked to them at least once, and need someone to get the homework from if you are absent. Add them.

6. Your grandmother, pastor, boss, faculty advisor. This will help you keep things on the professional level. And if you are doing things that you dotn want these people to know about, more than likely you shouldn’t be doing these things. Add them.

7. You met them through friends and are still friends with those friends and hope to maybe get everyone together one of these days and want to keep in touch. Add them.

8. You met them once or twice and you feel like they are good people to know for networking purposes. Example: If I were to meet a girl who works in the Boston Convention bureau, and we exchanged each others info. I would def add her. Do it.

9. You like their status updates and think they are funny. Add them.

10. "Famous" people. I’m friends with Jon Acuff and Paul Wright. It’s a good time. Do it.

Sundays always put things back in focus.

Sundays always put things back in focus. During the week I am guilty of loosing track of time, and I usually dont see everyone from the congregation on a regular basis. But on Sundays especially I am always humbled and encouraged by my local church body. Week after week, I see how close knit and loving we are towards each other. Not perfect, and not without some knicks and bruises, but thats ok, as the Gospel is preached and we look past our own imperfections towards the wonderful cross and how amazing it is that God loves us.

I see Christ's love in the church when Cheryl brings food to the McKays, when the kids learn about new attributes of God and seem to understand it during childrens church, when someone new comes and everyone flocks around trying to learn about them as much as possible, when people with terrible voices belt out the deep choruses with a passion for their Redeemer not caring what others think. I see Christ's love in the church when we pray for each other's ministries as a body, when Kevin and Isaac walk me home at night so I am safe, when we look into the community and see how we can help, when we show up for church early just to hang out and see how others are doing, and when Tiffany gave me side tables and ice cube trays because she knew I was looking for more furniture and had extra. 

I see the body of Christ as such a beautiful entity. Nurturing, growing, loving. We are a bunch of broken and messed up people who almost have nothing in common. People from California, New York, Kansas, Idaho. Students, unemployed, mechanics, doctors, stay at home moms, retirees. Ages ranging from 2 to 75.  Rich, poor, fatherless, adopted, Asian, Indian, Latino, European. Yet we come together in rejoicing for what our God has done, and we look out for each other, pointing each other towards truth.

What a blessing. I am blessed.

Not just Sunday's, but everyday. 

Question: Where do you see Christ's love in your local church?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mini Expeditions: Oren Lavie

This is the most amazing music video I have ever seen.

My friend Elyse posted this on someone else's wall, but I fell in love with it.
Watch it now.
QUESTION: Whats your favorite music video ever?
Stay Tuned for  "People You Should Be Friends with on Facebook (add them while you can)"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

People You Shouldnt Be Friends with on Facebook. (delete them while you can)

1. You have not talked to them in over a five years, and have no desire to talk to them in the next five years. (unless its family. haha) Delete.

2. If you were to walk by them on the street and not even know it was them. Delete.

3. If you randomly added them because they were from your hometown and went to your college but you never really became friends. Delete

4. If you met them at orientation for college, but never actually became friends with them at college. Delete.

5. If you worked with them at one point, but when you walk into that establishment, they do not even acknowledge your existence. Delete.

6. If you were interested in dating them but now you know that you will NEVER date them and havent talked to them in over a month. Delete. 

7. You dont know them, dont remember adding them and they are from Japan or Uzbekastan. Delete.

8.  You went to elementary school, middle school, and highschool with them, but havent talked to them since 3rd grade. Delete.

9. You met them a few times through other friends, but now you arent friends with those other friends, and will never see each other again. Delete. 

10.  People that you generally dont care about but want the latest gossip from. Thats not cool. Delete.

Stay Tuned for "People You Should Be Friends with on Facebook (add them while you can)"

Life Revelation.

Lately... Ive been feeling slightly, lack luster, in my passion for life. I think we all know that I am one intense passionate individual who will go after what I want until I get it, so this sort of disengaged attitude is unusual. I think with the past few months going by so quickly, I kind of put my whole self on auto pilot, not really tuning in with the world or the people around me, so focused on self preservation as I delt with some personal relationships that went awry, as well as the time encompassing internships that beat the crap out of me and sucked me dry. So its been a struggle to get back with the program.

But with this week slowing down, and giving me time to actually live life and be engaged, I have been able to do a lot of thinking and reading and praying about different things. Its awesome, and Im enjoying every second, feeling the passion slowly drip back into my veins. I feel much calmer about some things and truly satisfied with God, knowing that He knows what He's doing. One thing thats been especially on my mind lately is what I am going to be doing after I get this tourism degree. And today, I have had a revelation. Well.. its been a long time coming actually, and its one of those things that I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt. I really really really really really feel called to get a TESOL certification/degree (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and teach English as a second language. Now you might be thinking, "whoa there Alissa." What in the world? Well, dont worry. Global Tourism Management fits right in, and its not like I have to drop out and lose everything Ive worked hard for here. This is more of a long term goal. Kinda like, Hey Im going to graduate JWU, and then go overseas for a few years (with E.L.I maybe?) while simulatneously getting my M.A. in Intercultural Studies & TESOL from Wheaton College. Or something to that effect. Haha. And then missions overseas or working internally? I kinda feel complelled to teach at an international christian school somewhere in the world. I am not sure yet. But its going to work out. No joke about it.

My life is like one puzzle piece after another, but they all end up fitting together as I start to see the bigger picture. Sometimes I wonder about whether or not JWU was the correct desicion, But then I snap out of it and realize Yes, this is where Im supposed to be, obviously. I would not have grown the way I have and learned key things if I had done something different.

Hold Up. So, I have a long way to go before this happens, and I have alot of prep work for myself to do. I want to get more involved with international students here on campus, as well as really asking others for prayer about this, and just other stuff. So, I feel like this is what God wants me to do, and I definitely have a passion for this in my heart. If He doesnt want me to do it, He needs to start closing doors and openning new ones in a different direction. I trust that He is faithful and has my best interests in mind.

"Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a
town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit"— yet you do not know
what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for
a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills,
we will live and do this or that." As it is, you boast in your arrogance. All
such boasting is evil. So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do
it, for him it is sin." James 4:13-17

So you know what? My life is a vapor. I cannot boast in what I do not know, but Lord willing, we will see what happens.

Ohward Ho!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tip #79

When trying to improve the church, start with yourself.


Tuesday Tidbits

Dont you just love how I change the days for my tidbit session. Its all to leave you in suspense you know.
Here are my most recent additions to Google Reader. Check em out.


As for life. Hmm. Nothing much new. Im finally fully utilizing my summer meal plan. Thats cool. work is pretty off the hook today. I dont know. Nothing really to update, so I wont! Peace out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pony Express

I love my family. And this anger is no way directed towards them.. but towards UPS. (written september2008)



3. UPS delivers packages to your house when you CANNOT be there

4. UPS does not allow you to schedule delivery for a time when you WILL be there

5. UPS doesnt ring the doorbell when they do show up.

6. UPS does not care where you live, and they dont care if you dont have any means to get to their main office in Warwick. Even if you can walk to a smaller UPS location in Providence, NO! that would be $40 for them to hold your package there. They refuse to hold your package at a different location. Only at the Main office will they hold you package. END OF STORY

7. UPS is the devil.

8. UPS is supposed to check the box on the delivery slip that gives you approximate times of delivery, but NOPE! why would they give you any glimmer of hope.. or yanno.. a way to try to schedule yourself to be home when they might deliver the package.

9. The pony Express is AWESOME!

10. Ponies are love.

11. Who doesnt love ponies?

12. Um really. Lets get serious folks. The pony express is clearly the most efficient and accurate way of mail and package delivery. And dont fool yourself. UPS SUCKS!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Have a Secret to Share...

So there is something that Ive really wanted to get off my chest for a while now. Dont be offended or creeped out, and please dont think I'm disgusting.




I actively mix ketchup and maple syrup.

And its really good. You can use it on sweet potato fries, sausage egg & cheese sandwhiches, eggs, plain bread, dang whatever you want. I like the combination o salty and sweet, kind of like the idea of mixing a frosty and fries. You should try it. Open your taste buds to new and exciting things people.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Alissa's Guide to Creating a Successful Blog

And you want others to read your blog? Well here are some handy things I did for my blog:

1. Post about it on Facebook/Twitter. Its ok to be a little shameless.

2. Email family and friends just about your blog and that they should bookmark it

3. Join the blogging community.. there are bajillions of blogs, so just start finding some that you really enjoy and comment and read often.. you get to know others and they will be more likely to stop by your blog.

4. Have some sort of specialized topic that you talk about sometimes.. the posts I do with books or video clips always get the most visitors, as well as the ones that recommend stuff, or talk about some pertaining to an area.. Idk I guess just pick some stuff and consistantly talk about it.. not all the time but more than not.. if that makes sense.

5. Be specific, when you mention a service or product and your opinion, mention the name

6. Dont obsess over your ratings.. blog for yourself, not for others, just have fun, write what you want, and if you are enjoying yourself, people will take notice.

Helpful blogging tools:
Google Analytics
Google Reader

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This has to be done.

This has to be done. Start the Youtube clip... and then scroll down to me and kitty cat.

Im such a creeper.

My version:


I Promise I am not growing to be a cat lady, I just happen to post a lot of picture of this cat on here.

Tomorrow I am hitting up Best Buy to get my camera fixed.
Tonight was fun, Chinese food and movies with some friends.
Friday comes soon.

Its in the toilet again. ttyl.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is disgusting. 

Cat with No Face.   click here

It is a cat with no face.

HAHA "Talent: Never lost a staring contest"

Im going to throw up in my mouth right now.

Lawlz. So Cute. Its All Coming Together..

Electricity. Check.
Gas and Hot Water. Check.
Furniture. Check.
Internet. Check. Check. Double Checkity Check.

I am so blessed. Everything is just coming right along and everyday I feel so thankful. Once I get my camera fixed I will take some pictures. Actually.. speaking of pictures.. here are some pictures of our kitty.. named Kame.. or Comet in English. It is crazy. It loves the toilet and shower.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Tidbits

* Molson Canal Series Schedule
Lockport: Our Lady Peace!!!!!!!! is June 26th. You should all go.

* MUSIC: Christian music is noting an upsurge in WNY
Union Sun & Journal.. article: Brooke Yaiser, Shaine DeAndrea, etc in it.

* Behind closed doors: How R.I. decriminalized prostitution
ProJo article ...Rhode Island is a hub of sex trafficing and has more registered brothels than Nevada.

* TV’s The Goode Family roasts American ‘groupthink’
Projo: This show is really interesting. The Goode Family.

* Blog: The Customer is Not always Right

* Funny Pictures: Fail Dogs

and I dug up that nice little picture of Kailey. haha.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ click the picture.