Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Service Instead of Service

Lately there has been a bunch of churches swapping their Sunday morning services out for "service" in the community... involving a wide range of things from cleaning up a park to handing out water bottles to joggers.

A while back I was struggling with the biblical "idealness" of concept, (I think it is NOT ideal, or a even a great idea) and couldn't exactly organize my thoughts in the most effective manner, as you would probably be able to ask my sister. Haha.

Well, I love this new blog post from Kevin DeYoung, and think he communicates the topic in a clear and compelling light and have included the link below:

Should Churches Trade in Services for Serving? (link)

Here are the major points of the article, but I encourage you to read them in their entirety.

1. Consider practically if this is a good strategy. 
2. Consider if there is good (or any) historical precedence for routinely canceling your worship service
3. Consider that all of life is worship, but corporate worship is still unique.
4. Consider what it may communicate when you replace services with serving. 
5. Consider that corporate worship is a means of grace.

What do you think? Swapping service for serving?


Nicole.Ryan said...

No! No! No! There is 24 hours in a day. Do both if you want too, but you can't just sub one out for the other. It's worse than swapping splenda for sugar in brownies! ETERNALLY worse (hahaha). Bet seriously. Do both. What a great idea to wake up early, go to church, then as a church serve the community AFTER you've come before God together as His people. Mmmmm love that idea. Let's do that.

WanderingAlissa said...

I agree with you Niki! Did you read the whole article?