Monday, October 4, 2010

"About Love, or, Why I Hate Attraction."

I love CCEF (Christian Counseling and Education Foundation). I literally aim to read all of their books, blogs, booklets, web content, and heck I would go to their school if I lived in Philly. They are legit, bible based, gospel oriented, and rock solid. And so I figured I would share the love.

Ed Welch recently wrote an article titled "About Love, or, Why I Hate Attraction," and its super interesting. If you have been around me for more than 231431 minutes, you will know how I stand on relationships and attraction. No, I DO NOT hate attraction, and I am NOT some sort of crazy prudish love hater.

I just think the role that so many people place attraction in, the center role usually- well, needs to be rethought a little bit.
I IMPLORE you to read the whole article. Click the title below.

About Love, Or, Why I Hate Attraction: by Ed Welch

Here is a tasty tidbit:
"Attraction is fun, and in Western systems of courtship and marriage, it is the way couples get started, but attraction is about me. It’s about how someone makes me feel. In that sense, attraction is rubbish. It gets people together but it is powerless to keep them together. Even more, attraction, without the addition of other forms of love, promises to separate marriages and any once-close relationship."

Amen brother, and I would possibly go so far to say that this kind of love should be adapted and applied to all Christian relationships. Example, are we "attracted" to your friends, because they can do something for us? Are we "attracted" to our church because of how it serves our "needs"? Or are we loving like Christ has called us to?



Michael and Karen McDonald said...

Going to have to read the full article when I have time. Thanks for posting this

WanderingAlissa said...

Yeah, its a great nugget of truth. I got lost a little bit on the wording in the middle, but it wraps itself up quite nicely at the end.

Casey said...

woah lady, good stuff.

Nicole.Ryan said...

No. You're a prudish love hater. hahaha :-P

WanderingAlissa said...

LIES I tell you!

I love love. (just not obnoxious forms of "Love")


Alex Santxo said...

Thank you for this. Gonna read the article after my comment . . . Today I went to church after a long time away and the topic was love, based on John 15:12. Pastor said love is a commandment, not a request to like, be nice, polite or cordial. But a commandment. The commandment is not void when your spouse loses their job. I found out my long-time neighbors divorced today. Attraction fades.


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