Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Urban Garden Paradise: It is Time

This weekend I was basking in the glorious weather, when I realized that it was time. Time to begin cultivating my urban garden paradise this year!

Saturday I spent time digging in the dirt and cleaning out my containers of any debris from last years plantings. I mixed up the dirt between containers to give the dirt a more rounded nutrient base. I also found out that the containers that I created last year had rotted out through the winter, and so I had to get rid of them :( Sad times. But now I will be on the lookout for more alternative planters. Niki and I saw these really cool cement block planter wall, but we do not have any where to put something this big.
image from pocketgrow.com

My friend Melissa bought us some radish, carrot, squash, and marigold seeds. I planted the radish seeds on Sunday, because they are the only ones that can be planted outside right now, because of the temperature and time of year. I hope to also plant tomatoes, cucumbers, beans of some kind, basil, and cilantro. While unveiling my planters, I saw that the blueberry bush my friend Casey gave me last year was totally green and growing as well! That is exciting and  I cant wait until we get some berries from that!

Last year I did a lot of composting, but this year I am still unsure where I will be living so I might not be able to take that route (I doubt the campus residence halls would be in favor of my composting in my room). But I would encourage anyone who is doing their own garden to compose. It is a helpful and healthy way to feed your plants, reduce waste, and cut down on chemical fertilizers ending up in land fills.

Ive been using this really helpful guide from the University of Illinois called Watch Your Garden Grow and it basically has helpful information about planting veggies, including when to plant, spacing and depth, care, harvesting, common problems and even recipes!

I would also recommend these websites for more information about back yard gardening/urban gardening:

Do you have any resources to share? Are you going to be growing a garden this year?

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