Sunday, April 25, 2010

Russian Crab Salad

FINALLY! A Russian salad that I can excitedly recommend. This is so delicious and I just couldnt stop myself. Perfect for a party or just an awesome recipe to share with family and friends. Try it out!

1 cup of dry Basmati or similar type of rice,
4 eggs
250 - 300 gr. of crabmeat or imitation crabmeat,
1 small can of sweet corn
2-3 table spoons of grated cheddar or old gauda cheese  
3-4 table spoons of mayonnaise.

1. Boil the rice, so it remains "friable", not sticky. Do not overcook!
2. Hard boil the eggs.
3. Let rice and eggs to cool down to the room temperature.
4. Cut crabmeat in small cubes,
5. Cut eggs into small cubes,
6. Open corn can, pour out the liquid.
7. Mix rice, corn, cheese, crabmeat and eggs.
8. Add mayonnaise at least 30 min before serving, stir.
9. Put in a big salad bowl, decorate with greens and black olives.

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