Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I...

  • Woke up at a desireable time... with no help from an alarm clock except my internal one
  •  Wore all clean clothes.... come Monday its time for a washing by hand session
  •  Took a drive to Nizhny Novgorod with Misha, Lena, Natasha, Mike... and observed new things
  • Sufficiently picked out my own Russian food at restuaruant.... even if the broccoli was a little salty
  • Refused to partake in weird Korean New Agey Medical treatments even though I really wanted to practice my Korean... and then I found out there were no Koreans running the show anyways.
  • Communicated with some Russian friends and found some really cool things out... like I need to find them a Bible asap!
  • Watched a ballet called Giselle, that I didnt understand at all... but decently enjoyed it
  • Went the whole day without wearing a coat... and loved every second! 
  • Learned some new things about myself.. that probably werent that new

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