Friday, September 11, 2009

90% Off Restaurant Gift Cards

Hey out there.
I was scouting online for some free deals and whatnot, and I came across this promo that is having right now. Seriously.. every single giftcard is 90% off, read that again: NINETY PERCENT OFF. I was like what is the catch, no way. This is ridiculous. But my coworker was like, yeah I get those all the time.

So I went through, found some rhode island place to eat, added them to my cart, and check out, and I seriously was only charged $6.40 for buying 7=SEVEN $25 gift cards for some AWESOME places to eat. The only catch with these, is that most of the $25 gift cards say that you have to atleast spend $35 all together in order for them to be valid. But that means, if you take 3 people out to eat, get 3 meals totalling $40, you only have to pay $5 each at the end. That is ridiculously cheap for a whole meal. In my opinion atleast. So I just wanted to let you know about it. All you do is type in the discount code "ninety" when you go to check out and it should take off the percent.

Make sure the discount came off before you send it all the way through to your credit card. And don take the survey at the end.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you partook in this glory.

Okey dokey.

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fallstonslowlife said...

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