Monday, September 14, 2009

Things You Can be Praying About

1. My sister Kailey is on her way, as I type, to the New York School of Urban Ministry in Brooklyn Ny. She is there to learn the ins and outs of urban street ministry, and how to evangelize and serve the city. I am excited for her and proud of her. She will definitely excel there and I hope God uses this 6 week period to grow her faith and help her to expand her horizons. Pray that she is safe, grows closer to God, and learns to love people in a great new way.

2. Russia. As of right now, missionaries with religious visas are only allowed in Russia for a 3 month period before having to leave. They are allowed to come back into the country again, but only after 91 days of being out. So, its difficult on missionaries, because the most expensive thing about serving in Russia is the ticket to and fro. Its also hard to get consistency if you can only be in the country for 3 months at a time. Pray that the Russian government will change their policies and be more welcome to the gospel and humanitarian practices. Thank God for the people that are faithful and persevering. (To go on a Virtual Russian Prayer Walk Click Here)

3. Russian City of Bor. This is the city of Bor, just across the Volga River from Nizhniy Novgorod. Bor has 50,000 people and no evangelical church. There are plans to build a bridge across the Volga to connect the 2 cities and Bor will become a “suburb” of Nizhniy Novgorod. Pray that God will raise up church planters to plant churches in this city. (info from UBA Houston)

4. Johnson and Wales Christian Student Fellowship. We specifically need prayer that we are able to reach out to new students in Providence and show them the love of Christ in a way that connects them and unifies them. We want to build strong relationships between students and grow up a community of believers that has a passion for God and others. This is extremely important in the beginning of the year, as we want to get people plugged in right away, showing them that there are alternatives to the party scene so rampant on campus. Pray for all campus outreach groups across the world in fact.

5. Pray for me. (if you dont mind) I am trying to search out God's plan for me regarding missions. I feel strongly compelled to go, and I just need to trust in God and his timing, that he has it all under control. I am in the process of learning Russian, with the intent to go back there for a long term assignment. But pray for open doors for me, for wisdom, consistency, and for strength in my walk with Christ.

That is all for now. If anyone has anything else to add, FEEL FREE. We can never pray enough. I would love to know what I can pray for you about.

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