Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey there Howdy everyone!

Want an exciting update? Because I surely have one. Well.. its exciting to me merely in the fact that I finally have some more things planned for my major! (it was rocky for a while there)

So. Today I declared a concentration! Basically, ok, so I will get an Associates Degree, a Bachelors Degree, and JWU allows a concentration in the mix too. You could say its like a specialty, or mini-major. I orignally was going to go to with Adventure and Sports Leadership. Why would I do that though? I dont like adventure sports. Duh Alissa. So after much deliberation, I decided that Entreprenuership was the way to go! How exciting! This trimester I will be taking a class called "The Business Plan." I am super pumped. The other two classes in the concentration are Real Estate and Managing Change and Innovation.

As for this upcoming fall trimester, I will be taking an independent Russian Language1 class, Statistics with my favorite teacher ever, Dynamics of Tourism, and Business Writing. I have friends in all of these classes. That is awesome and means I can share a book, get help with homework, and NOT FAIL!

God totally worked this all out so well, as I was afraid of not being able to get in 25 hours of work at my job- the limit, and a necessity for me. Gotta pay rent. The way things are scheduled its perfect for everything I want to be a part of. I think I have been given so much favor with so many people in this school. The Arts & Sciences department literally created this Russian class for me. And the dean of the Hospitality College gave me an override so that the Russian will count for a language requirement. Also, my academic counselor was kind enough to register me for the Business Writing class, even though it was already over capacity.

Ohh man. I am so thankful.

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Cupcake said...

Yay!! That sounds really cool... haha I'm glad you can share books and not fail Russian..

Let's be linguists together. You learn Korean and Russian and I'll learn Hindi ectectect and we'll drink merloT and talk to each other in French and never learn Spanish ever because it's not important.

Oui, mon cheri?