Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost. Done.

One more final and I am peacing out of Fall Trimester 2009!!! Hoorah! I did better than I thought in some classes, and worse than I thought in others. By that I mean one of my professors told me that it was mathmatically impossible for me to pass Statistics no matter what grade I got on the final. So I ended up writing my name on it, throwing some answers on the scan-tron and peacing out. I can retake it with a new prof and get a better grade and pretend none of that even happened. Haha.

This Thanksgiving I will be staying in Providence and just hanging out with my doggie friend Gunther. I get to dog sit him while my friends are out of town for the holiday. Its going to be quite fun, as this little bugger is a ball of energy and full throttle movement. I cant wait to take him on walks and play with him like crazy!!!

Never fear though, I do have plans with humans as well. Next Tuesday I will be visiting with my old pastor, Andy, and his family in Massachussetts! I have only seen them all briefly since the beginning of October and miss them dearly. Andy's dad will be at their house too. He will be going to Russia on a long term volunteer assignment, and we will kind of working together. Its super exciting because I havent seen him since our trip to Russia last spring, and we will get to finally catch up and talk about some details. Also, on Thanksgiving day I will be over at the McKays house with some church family. I pumped about this, because Thanksgiving is always awesome, and my church family is awesome too! (I will miss my real family, of course!!)

As for my Russia missions and co-op trip, Ive been getting a slow intake of information. Yesterday I had a meeting with JWU Career Development about the JWU side of the co-op. It was informative and I cant wait to get more details to them! Also, because I will be getting credit for the co-op I have to complete different projects, one being a 30 page paper. But after she explained it to me, I do not feel intimidated by this, more excited than anything. My co-op Advisor is really excited for me, and told me that I am the only student going abroad for my internship during spring trimester. Also, emails have been sent my way about different conversations that are taking place between Russia and the International Missions Board office, which is cool for me to see. It shows me how many people are involved in this process, as well as the fact that things are being developed and worked out for my arrival. Very tentatively, I will be living in an apartment as well as getting my own Russian cell phone. I will also being helping to lead an "English Club" although that term is still kind of vague in my mind.

Sometimes I wonder what in the heck I am thinking, peacing out for three months and living in a country where I can barely communicate and have no close friends or comforts. Then I realize that God seriously is in complete control and I need not worry. Since day one of this whole process, His hands have been evident and giving much favor. As I look back on this past year, I thank Him for everything He has brought me through and cherish what a loving God He truly is.

Thats all for now=)

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