Sunday, November 22, 2009

Its Time for Some Christmas Crafts!

 So Friday night I went over to Melissa's house and my other friends Rachel and Melissa H were there and we made all sorts of Christmas crafts!  These are the ones I made, mini gingerbread houses out of Milk Cartons and felt! So easy! I would totally recommend making them with kids or adults, and they will definitely look great on the mantle.

 Found directions on the internet, at Family Fun, but honestly its just so easy just use your creativity. Here are the steps:
1. Get Milk Cartons, organge juice, half and half.. whatever
2. Cover them in Brown Felt or foam
3. Cut out cute designs and glue it them on!
 4. Cut off the bottom of the carton so they stand flat and not wobbly.

I made all my little decorations from scratch using ideas from the magazine and also just my own inspiration. You can basically go crazy, use whatever colors, supplies, sparkly things you want. Its your gingerbread house. We used glitter foam, rick-rack, colored felt, and pom poms for ours.


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