Monday, December 28, 2009

So much for a guided tour...

Its been a fun few weeks at home so far! Last Wednesday I had a mini-party at my house and a bunch of people came over to hang out, eat pizza and play guitar hero!
Of course, whenever my friends and I hang out, we just HAVE to go on a midnight adventure somewhere. How nifty that my house is conveniently located 20 minutes from downtown Niagara Falls! We drove over there and couldn't find parking at all on Goat Island (the island nestled between American Falls and Horseshoe Falls) due to the icey conditions, and lord knows that parking is a scarcity in the city area.

I have a riddle for you. Where am I if I am 20 minutes from home, not in Canada, not in Mexico, and not on USA territory, but still in North America?

Answer: In an Indian Casino!

So someone recommended that we park in the Senaca Niagara Casino, as its right there near the falls and free! Of course, being the adventurous kids that we are, we wondered what it was like in the casino, so we walked right in! Then we realized that you have to be 21 to enter the floor. Sung-man, interested in seeing more, went back in and asked if we could have a tour, since we were all under 21, and the "bouncer" said yes! So Janelle, Casey, Kailey, Sung, and I patiently waited to the side as he called for a guide for us. An official looking lady finally called us over and lead us into the belly of the casino. As we were walking quickly and only around the outer edges, we gave each other questioning looks, as we expected some sort of mini guided tour, but all we got was a face paced escort to the other side! How disappointing. She dropped us off on the other side of the casino, opposite of the falls and our car! And you can just walk outside and go around the building, its so cold and huge... so after exploring all possible routes back and discovering no such way, we had to ask for another escort! It ended up being the same lady too. I'm sure we looked like crazy fools- hurriedly walking from one end to the other. Oh well.
  At this time its about 1:30am, and it was ridiculous to see the people who were in the casino. There were tons and tons of raggedy elderly folks who were just glued to the gaming machines, pulling the lever with a sad but hopeful look in their eyes. Two days before Christmas, and I'm asking myself, shouldn't these people be home with their families? Sleeping or wrapping gifts, or baking cookies or something? I just wanted to run up and hug them and talk to them! Downtown Casinos don't do any good for an area. Sure they offer some entertainment and tons of places to eat and shop but in the long run all they bring to a community is gambling addictions, poverty, high suicide rates, and a strain on the infrastructure. That's a fact (check it out here here and here).

Anyways, this isn't a post about Casinos and gambling. After getting escorted through the casino, we walked over to the Falls viewing area and just admired its beauty. (hard to see the pic because its taken in the middle of the night!) Sung said "I would love to live around here and be able to hear the loud noises from nature all the time." haha. Its true.

I love Niagara Falls. Maybe is it overrated to some people, and surely those who live around here hardly give it a second glance, but I think its pretty cool. I recommend seeing it once in your life (go on the Maid of the Mist!).

Thats all for now folks!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Joel and I visited Niagara Falls before we had kids. We even did the Maid in the Mist. In fact, there's a picture of us in front of the falls hanging on my living room wall. It was a fun trip that I'd love to do again.

Shoot Son Dang Girl Alissa said...

Oh Niagara Falls! Im glad that you enjoyed it so much... thats refreshing to hear. Hope you do get to go again. You are always welcome to stay at my house too!