Friday, June 17, 2011

Celebrating Fathers Day Without a Father

This wont be the first Father's Day that I've had "without" a father. (I would count the two years after he decided to rescind his fatherhood of my sister and I, not telling us his address or phone number as being without a father.)

But this will be the first father's day without my dad here on earth. I haven't really dwelt on it too much to be honest. It was never really a big deal in my house. My dad didn't like gifts and fan fare, and I dont really remember any specific father's day from my past. It did probably involve giving him tools or dinner out.

In spite of all that, I am obscenely thankful for the older men in my life who HAVE been there for me. I can only list so many, but the pastors of Faith Tab and Grace Harbor, my grandpa, my mom's husband George. I cherish the times they protected me, prayed for me, provided for me, and cared for me. The past six months have also been a rich time of learning about the perfect father that God is. This Sunday I will celebrate the fact that God has been gracious to me and given me himself, and those here on earth.

Anyways, I'm not really interested in making a big deal of this "hallmark holiday." But I do feel the urge to share with you some interesting, cool, heart wrenching, or "gadget-y" links about Fathers. Take a gander:

Searching for Abba on Father's Day by Margot Starbruck
When I tracked down my birthfather, he was not interested in knowing me. With my unwillingness to face the sting of his second rejection and the chronic layers of grief it triggered, my pain eventually became unmanageable

Five Things You Didnt Know that Father's Do by Glenn T Stanton
As we celebrate Father’s Day, we should recognize that fatherhood is not merely a sentimental role, but a profoundly practical one as well. Fathers do far more than put food on the table, teach us to ride a bike or take us to our first baseball game.

Cool Father's Day Cards by Dot in the City

Father's Day Secrets by Post Secret

Father's Day Special from Cruciform Press 
Cruciform Press has a Father’s Day special going on. “Get your dad (or really, anyone) a one-year print book subscription and you gain a special opportunity —Buy yourself (or your church, your small group, your reading club, your neighbor…) any number of books from the Cruciform Press catalog AT THE $6.49 SUBSCRIPTION PRICE.”

Glorfying the Father of the Fatherless by Jason Kovaks
God calls us, his adopted family, to be a part of his care for the fatherless. At the core of God’s nature is a Father’s heart that we are to reflect. Scripture is clear that practical care for orphans is fundamental to the mission of the church.

What are your thoughts on father's day? Anything you would like to share about Father's Day family traditions? How do you encourage your dad or the men in your life? What special things do you do for them?

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