Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Comparison

No Comparison
by Alissa Graham

1 you said I was never as interesting
as car races and tools.
2 you said I was pretty,
Enchanting even, and cool.
3 You said I was beautiful
A glorious creation, a perfect jewel

1 you sometimes cared,
when you averted your eyes from self.
2 you cared quite a bit-
in my pursuit you prided yourself
3 You cared tremendously.
The evidence: to sacrifice oneself.

1 When our lives got hard,
you chose flight.
2 My foolish barriers went up,
and you didnt even fight.
3 I whored myself,
and You married me despite.

At the end of the day
There is only one left.
Number one is my father
Number two is theft
Three is easy
In God I may finally rest. 

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