Monday, June 6, 2011

Experience New England: Purgatory Chasm

“Purgatory Chasm is a bold and unique landscape. Hikers beware o the dangers of this trail: slippery and deceiving rocks. The trail is one half mile long and climbing is involved.”
So reads the signage approaching Purgatory Chasm, located along route 146 in Sutton, Massachusetts. Purgatory Chasm State Reservation is a state park with 2 miles of hiking trails, creeks, boulders, and a deep chasm of granite bedrocks full of caves, crawl spaces, and crannies to explore. The daring landmarks that lie within the chasm itself are given romantic or haunting names such as “Lover’s Leap,” the “Devil’s Coffin,” and “Fat Man’s Misery.”

This park is open year round, and both summer and winter hikes are full of great views. Some of the rocks are up to 60 feet high! I was really taken a back by the beauty and the size of the rocks. I felt so small climbing among godzilla boulders!

I went to Purgatory Chasm with some friends, and would definitely recommend it as a fun place to go hiking. There were many families there with younger and older children, as well as people with dogs, even strollers (though I imagine they stayed on the flatter trails). I liked that there are multiple trails to choose from, they are clearly marked, and none of them are terribly hard to complete.

The trails are all definitely fun and diverse!

 The park has picnic tables, grills and a gazebo, along with ample parking. Definitely wear good shoes, bring bug spray, and a bottle of water. Do not make the mistake that I did and wear flip flops, thinking you will successfully conquer the Chasm! What a rookie mistake.. ugh! Anyways, I cant wait to go back soon!

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Stephanie said...

We love Purgatory Chasm!! Flip flops are definitely NOT a good idea! There are also a bunch of letterboxes in the park to find. We'll be doing that one Saturday in July. :)

Alissa:Adventurer said...

Oh.. letter boxes? What are those? I'm intrigued!