Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Evenings

After work this evening, I met up with Hannah and Niki at Border's Cafe in the mall. We spend a lot of time there hanging out. They have free wi-fi, delicious ice coffee, and all the books and magazines you can shake a stick at. Thursday nights there is even an open mic night that isnt too bad. Definitely some entertainment, let me tell you.

Well, after leaving there, I went and sat on the Capital Commons grassy area under a shady tree and finished reading my new favorite book "A Godly Home" by Richard Baxter. It is a seventeenth century guide to, you guessed it, having a godly home. I will have to write a little plug for it soon.

Anyways, I just enjoy times like this where I can steal away and get some reading and thinking done. Providence is the perfect little city for such things.

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