Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pops and Strawberries

A few weekends ago I had some very exciting expeditions. Not that I usually don't, but this weekend was especially fun!

A group of us got all fancied up and hit the road for Boston. We arrived at Symphony Hall just in time to see the Boston Pops performing to the theme of "Broadway Diva's." The music was all taken from popular Broadway shows, and featured pieces especially performed by strong leading ladies. Two of the women who had been int the Wicked broadway show were hosting and singing for the evening, and they added a lot of fun and pizzazz to the show.

I dont know why Hannah looks so alarmed! After the show we went to Finale Desserterie & Bakery and had delicious desert.
It was a fun evening, and I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. Usually musicals don't do it for me, but I would totally go see Wicked now!

The next morning, Hannah and I woke up early and headed to Dame Farm in Johnston RI to go strawberry picking with some friends!
It was a beautiful morning and the fields were ripe for harvest. I guess it is still early in the season, but we ended up with a good bounty!

Just thought I would share some of my summer time fun!

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