Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conquering 6am

Secretly the morning is my favorite- sun rising, brisk air, that light coming through the trees. I think of Camp Hickory Hill and just waking up early, putting on warm clothes and walking out of the cabin to sit next to the warm ashey coals, looking out over the parade field and thinking about life. But the night likes to steal me away. As often as I think about waking up early, the evenning seems to lure me into its sleepless adventures. My mind is most active at night, and I always seem to come up with ten other things to be doing other than sleep- you know driving around, checking my email, planning a random event, thinking about how to take over the world. (In highschool I was voted most likely to be a world dominator, you know).

But because of my this night time shenanigan, Ive realized how it affects my time management, and Im kind of sick of it. I dont get as much out of my day as I could, and it costs myself and others both time and money. I stay up late, wake up late, nothing gets accomplished in the morning and by the time I get home at night Im tired and just want to do nothing. I forget things as I rush out the door. I dont regularly eat breakfast. I dont have a morning quiet time. Simply enough.

 Well, WE'VE made a choice. Janelle (my bff from home) and I have decided to wake up every day at 6:30am and read through the Bible as well as pray for each other. Yesterday was a success. And today we did it too! Sweet deal! And honestly, if it werent for her, this wouldnt work out. She is an amazing friend with a compassionate heart- as well as the ability to wake (me) up at 630am.

Its been an exciting experience, as well as a tough one. The second day in and we were both tired. Im not sure why she was, but I know that Im still having a rough time getting to bed at a decent hour. Last night I went to bed at 1:30. Yikes. So thats going to be an issue to tackle. But its refreshing to have someone to be accountable too and have the word presented at the start of my day- instead of reading right before I fall asleep.  Another benefit of this is how I am using my time. I can make a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast. Im awake by the time I get to class. I can pack a lunch for work (instead of wasting money at Cafe la France). I can remember to grab the bills and stick them in the mail. Ahh you dont understand how much easier it makes things.

Hopefully our 6:30 conquering is successful in the long run. One sub-goal that I need to get a grip on- going to sleep at a time that allows me enough rest: 6-8 hours at the least.

Anyone here an early bird and have some tips to make conquering 6am easier to attain?

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