Thursday, May 12, 2011

Downcity Delights: Tazza

My roommate and I have been taking a culinary tour of new (or kind of new) restaurants in the Downcity area of Providence. Wednesday I tend to get out of work a little early before class and we both just happened to be around, so why not?!!

 Our first adventure was Tazza Caffe. They describe themselves as "[a] combination of the qualities of a traditional espresso bar with a funky atmosphere and placing it all in the center of Providence's Arts and Entertainment District."

My roommate is a longtime fan of Tazza- I am a more recent convert. Their ice coffee enamored, Open Mic Night rocked out, love "Movies on the Block," and it was a cool place to just go and hang out (unless you are going with a friend and they light the candle thinking you are on a date, but that is another story for another day).

THEN. Tazza renovated. Whatever is there now, is not the same Tazza. It is new, it is steely and modern. No more comfy couch atmosphere. I cant see a place for music or performances. (Is there a secret back room that I missed?)

My roommate and I were saying that if we hadn't known Tazza before and had stumbled across this place, we would totally love and embrace it- but since we know the old, it's going to be a struggle to come to love the new Tazza. I cant imagine just going there to grab some coffee and hang out with friends, write a paper .... But oh my, what a delightful surprise: the food is DELICIOUS (not that it wasn't before, but WOW!)

I had the Vegetarian Tomato Bisque with parmesan croutons, grilled chicken panino, and hand crafted fries. My roommate had the margarita pizza. Both were delicious. Check out the menu here. I am dying to try their local ceviche, and the pork shoulder taco sounds divine!

Lunch was around $11 (including tip). For a poor college student it is a little pricey, but in my opinion it is worth the random (or planned) splurge.

In conclusion: there will probably be another visit. While it is a change to get used to, their new renovation is probably more geared toward their target market and the layout makes more sense.

 So I forgive you Tazza.  

Have you been there since the big renovation? Thoughts?


Jake said...

Unless you're going with a friend and they light the candle because they think you're on a date? Sounds like a terrible story... =P

Alissa:Adventurer said...

Haha Jake. Its a great story that you should tell your grandkids!