Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roasty Toasty Princess!

Decided that I should use the photo mat that I had laying around for ridiculous midnight arty times. Its now crookedly hanging in the dining room. I wish I had spray paint.

No Just Isnt Good Enough
By Alissa Graham
For some reason Ive got it in my head
that no just isnt good enough
and telling me such isnt good.
I dont believe you're being honest
even if you swear truth till your dead.
Surely you think Im a monster
but I promise I'm never wrong when Im like this.
Dont look back and just walk this way,
even if it's just for kicks
I promise I'm never wrong when I'm like this.
You bet Ive heard more no's than not
but to every one ive said yes to that.

                                                                     kitty loves a bow.
and if you can figure out what "Roasty Toasty Princess" is from I will literally give you a dollar. Kailey cant win.


LiLu said...

Oh, it came out great! I have one of those photo mats sitting around from Christmas... I really should do something with it :-)

Jaime | Fast Times said...

I love photo mats, especially when they're filled with pictures from my childhood. :D

kafrickenboom said...

it's from the Lion King 2!!! I'll collect my dollar when I get there ;)

GazingattheMoon said...

AH!!! Hahaha good job Janelle! bravo! rasty toasty princess, roasty toasty princess, hahahehehaha then he catches fire!

kafrickenboom said...

Hehe thanks. Lol, what brought that phrase up in the first place?

Eleni said...

Cute cat! I'm not sure from its face that it really likes the bow, though :)

RhodeIsland Alissa said...

Welcome everyone!

Janelle you get a dollar for sure. Im not sure why I was thinking of it. haha.