Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good afternoon, Johnson & Wales University, Alissa speaking, How may I direct your call?"

So I am seriously loving my new job. Its challenging and exciting and time passes quickly. I work on the switchboard, or University Information Center, or UIC, as its called for JWU. Totally digging it and the hours are great.

Also, we got gas yesterday, from national grid, haha. And so this morning I took my first hot shower in a long time and it felt soooo good.

This morning Melissa drove Jon and I to Trader Joes, Target, and Shaws, and I was able to pick up some much needed supplies, like sharp knives. We didnt have any at the apartment and it was tough to cut things with a dull butter knife. I also bought a cheap little cat toy that was on sale. Hopefully the cat chills out and isnt so skittish. Anyways, Thank God for Melissa, what a blessing it is to have her offer to drive us grocery shopping. We did that trip in under 2.5 hours, which would have taken about 5 hours by bus. No joke about it.

Im missing some people right about now. Kim is on her way to Germany, Nathan is back in DC, and all those crazy fools over in that Western New York area. Blaaah.

After getting pretty settled with everything, Im starting to look into doing some useful things with my time. We will see what comes along. Its good to be more relaxed though. Its been a while since life was like that, and Im going to take it.

Ok peace out for now!

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