Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh AAA, and pics

With tomorrow being the last day at AAA, things are winding down. We had our huge presentation this afternoon, speaking in front of top execs at AAA Southern New England, alot of marketing people, HR people, travel people, you name it. It was basically a project about helping AAA SNE get into the young professional market 21-35 year olds, and creating an event that brings them all together.. Its more complex than that sounds.. But it was awesome. They told us that our presentation was the best one in at least 2 years of interns. (which is how long the program has been running I think.. haha.) I love AAA the most because I feel like I got the most real world experience out of it, as well as the fact that each and every single employee there treated us interns with respect, from the front door man to the head person of the club.

Well.. enough about that.. here are some pics:

From top left going clockwise: Bill Southerland- a super top head guy at AAA SNE, Vivien, Chimene, Me, Latoya, TA Meghan, and Professor Tremblay.

We got some super cool AAA swag as a parting gift=)

Someone stole my lunch today at AAA. Straight up from the cafeteria fridge. Heh really? yeah it was from Whole Foods too. People are absurd. But thats ok.

So GREECE. 2 more days before I leave on Saturday, May 9th-17th. For those who are not familiar with this- I am going as a part of my Travel Internship through JWU. It is what every travel intern gets to do, and its not just a happy good time vacation either. We each have a day that we thoroughly run from sun up to sun down, we plan everything, make sure people are awake in the morning, getting on the right bus to the right place, know where we are eating for our meals.. where to shop, maps, communications, money stuff, educational stuff.. Its hard core. Yes this trip is fun, but its also some work involved too. All of us interns, there are about 20 of us this trimester, are so excited because we have been waiting since our freshmen year to do this. We have also slaved away for the past 10 weeks at our different rotations- from AAA, Collette Vacations, State House, Airport.. and all our hard work gets rewarded with this awesome treat. YAY!

Something else that is awesome- I am officially moving on May 20th into a new apartment!!!  (If I sit out in my current apartment in my kitchen at night I can watch a whole family of mice trample back and forth across the floor. Its cute. NOT.)

...More about the new place coming soon.


Real Quick to all my friends and family who read this- I promise that I will become a person again after May 17th. I feel completely awful for my lack of communication with so many of you since beginning of March, but its been so difficult to talk to everyone I want to talk to, with intense practicum hours, work study, different leadership obligations, side projects, and apartment hunting. Please forgive me, and keep me in your prayers! I love you and miss you all.

Greece! HERE I COME!


Cupcake said...

woah. Seriously. Your life does rock hardcore.

I would totally be friends with your mouse roomates, just btw. And I hope you have an awesome time in Greece.

Yay for moving into your apartment on my birthday!!

HiQKid (Alex) said...

I know I'm not related to you, and I quite possibly don't fall into the "friends" catagory either, but...

While I do miss randomly talking to you, I completly understand the busy-ness issue. Do what you gotta do and have a great time in greece!