Monday, February 15, 2010

Letter of Invitation: Please Pray

HELP! I need ya'lls prayers.
In order to go to Russia for three months for the purposes that I am going for, there is a government process that takes place and it's kind of complicated:
  1. I have to request a Letter of Invitation (LOI) from the Russian Baptist Union (RBU)
  2. They have to send it to the Russian government for approval
  3. The Government sends it back to the RBU
  4. The RBU sends the LOI to me
  5. I send the LOI to a passport agency that will help me apply for my visa (2-4 days)
  6. The Passport agency sends it back to me, and I can head to Russia! (3-5 days)
Well, because of certain time restrictions (You can only apply for the visa within 30 days of departure), I am only on part 2 right now. I actually started the process a little bit early, late December, and its taking a lot longer than expected. My supervisor said that last year, the Russian government had a time when they just randomly didn't respond to any LOI for 45 days! With absolutely no explanation.

With only 10 days to go, things are getting down to the wire. Number 4 requires e-mail, which is a fast process obviously, but the rest of the journey is by snail mail, which could bring this final visa to me the day before I leave, Lord willing.

If you could please pray for me, I really would love to be able to get on the plane with my team and not get delayed because of this nonsense. Please pray for this LOI to come through asap so I can get my visa. God will be the ultimate controller of my LOI and we need HIM to come through and work out this timetable! Other than that – I can only trust God & it's His agenda if it doesn’t come through like it is supposed to.

Thank you so much for your support.


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Shoot Son Dang Girl Alissa said...

Thanks Amy! We've been praying for you guys too! How's the church search coming? Miss ya!

American History said...

your prayer touched us. We are praying! We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.