Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Photo Essay

AhhHHhhHH! My mind is spinning out of control. So many things. So little time. 4 days until departure! What's a girl to do!

Oh, maybe I will learn how to knit? Haha this evenning I went over to my lovely friend Jen's house for a simple tutorial on the art of knitting. I bought this delightful yarn and she taught me the ways. In the picture above is the scarf I am making! Whew! Look at that progress in one night. Although, Im kind of experiencing a knitting crisis! Knit, perl, knit, perl, knit, perl, I dont know what happened but something went awry! AHH!

Hmm, maybe I will try Sushi! Sunday after church everyone was invited to Sakura Japanese restaurant on Wickenden St. for some exceptional delightful food/"not really going away" party! I had never been there before but was inspired by my travelicious co-worker to check it out. Let me just tell you, that crab sushi above: de-freakin-licious. Under ten bucks for a whole plate of sushi plus soup and salad? I will be making my way here again. Dan, Kim, Alon, Hannah, Leeta, Melissa, Otto, and I headed over and had a fun time hanging out and trying some new cuisine. Hannah is leaving third trimester as well for a co-op, sad!

Or, maybe I will go for a walk around Providence! This weekend Hannah slept over. It was a great time, and I am GLAD she did. Let me tell you, living with your best friends is like having a fun sleep over every night, and add some more friends into the mix, and its simply a delight. (She brings nail polish too, cant complain about that!) After getting home from church and Sakura; Kim, Hannah, and I took a walk from Smith Hill to Federal Hill to the Providence Place Mall. We ended up at Border's and enjoyed some nice Ice Chai tea. I recommend it. (but not really- its too expensive.)

And that's where I bought this doozy, which is what brings us to real time, right now, as we speak. Its a mini Russian/English dictionary, and while it looks small, you turn it over and its about 3 inches thick, atleast. For the past six months Ive been taking Russian language classes at JWU, but never bought a dictionary? Am I on crack? Maybe a little, maybe Im just too good at getting by. Sigh. My final exam is tomorrow morning, (who knows what it will really be about- my teacher is one confused human being) and this little buddy has been quite helpful in studying. Glad I bought it, cant wait to use it for real!

And thats been my life recently. Maybe Thursday night I will get to this packing shenanigan:
(cant travel without Craisins now can we!)

Hope you enjoyed my photo essay=)
Have a good one!

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