Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Snow, "Snow" Day

Its 4:15 Tuesday afternoon and my co-workers and I are sitting at work awaiting some good news. So far we have heard about the city wide parking ban for Wednesday, but no word yet about a school closing. The weatherman is predicting 2 feet of snow to start early Wednesday and continue all day, causing a similar ruckus to the Snowpocolypse that attacked the Southeastern coast. Everyone in Providence is on the edge of their seats, wondering if the city will close down, wondering if they should go out and buy bread, milk, and eggs to stock up for the crazy storm (typical rhodey, the stores suddenly become barren when there is any kind of unusual weather predictions).

6:00pm hits and my roommate calls the Johnson & Wales storm line. We had previously heard rumors of school closings and half day closings, but nothing for sure. At that moment I see a flood of tweets from other JWU'ers about an email declaring Wednesday to be a Snow Day! My roommate confirms the word, as the storm line says similar things about nonessential staff not having to come to work, and students are off the class hook. SWEEEETTT DEAALL! The word spreads, and everyone is pumped to the max. I know I am.

I stayed up extra late Tuesday night, knowing that nothing was stopping me, knowing that I would not feel the pangs of exhaustion the next day at work or class. I finally went to bed in the early morn, excited to wake up to this winter wonderland that I’ve been intensely anticipating.

Approximately 3:00pm Wednesday afternoon, I finally arise. (I did wake up around 9am and noon, but decided to milk sleep for all its worth). Hilariously, there is no snow on the ground. Absolutely none. It wasnt even snowing! Oh snap Providence! You got schooled hard core. Which basically means we had a no snow, snow day. I'm not complaining!

Around 6pm on Wednesday it does start snowing pretty hard, but stops without terrible damage. (nothing to close the city down about, thats for sure) Which you can see from the picture above.

Our friends Kevin and Ben have been planning on coming over for the past few weeks to cook, as their living conditions aren't too equipped for hand crafted cooking, but because of incongruent schedules, it just hadnt worked out. We all have the day off though so they end up randomly coming over (well... after a long, epic, bus excursion to Aldi and Whole Foods). Sherita came over (she lives across the street) and Alon's fiance Tim was there, obviously Alon and Kim as well. So we had a mini, spur of the moment cooking party! The guys, who are both culinary majors at JWU, whipped up some of the BEST meatballs and spaghetti that I have ever had in my life (mom, you have some competition!) There were some crazy things in the meatballs like bacon, almonds, soaked bread, interesting herbs, and I dont even know what. But it was delicious. I hope they can come over again soon! (and if e actually plan it, next time we can invite everyone over for the good times!

Above: Kevin and Ben
Left: Ben, Tim, Sherita, Kim all rolling meat balls!


And that’s the story of my first ever No Snow, Snow Day!!!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Joel was told to work from home for the day because of the coming snow. I think we had a little more than you did but not much. It was truly disappointing!

Shoot Son Dang Girl Alissa said...

I agree!!! Where is the blizzard?!?!