Monday, July 6, 2009

Exciting things.

So, I went through a few days in the past few weeks that were kind of downcast and melancholy. But right now, Im really excited. Im excited for all the great things that are happening here and there and everywhere involving everyone and maybe even no one. And Im going to make a list.

1. People are getting married. Thats exciting. Amanda, Siobhan, Alon.

2. People are engaging the local missions field. About 4 people are moving to Providence Rhode Island to specifically and intentionally get involved with the local church and to be a light in such a dark dark place. Want to join in?

3. People are going to the ends of the earth. 2 Friends just got back from a month long missions adventure in Ethiopia, another got back from a week in Mexico! Others are going to Japan, Turkey, and Russia, long term and short term!! Awesome!

4. My mom and sister are coming to visit me this weekend. How exciting!

5. I had a really good coffee this morning.

6. A friend just got a job after months of being without one.

7. "Mars is giving away 250,000 coupons for free chocolate every Friday through September! Coupons are available beginning at 9 a.m. EDT. You can keep signing up until you have reached the maximum number of four coupons." click here to see the link from Fantabulously Frugal and sign up now!

8. The rain is beautiful here.

9. A sense of community is growing and growing here in Providence. Its an amazing thing to be apart of.

Your Turn.
Please comment and let me know what you are excited about these days!


Lauren Thomas said...

Hey there! I stopped by from 20 something bloggers! Hope you don't mind if I follow!

RhodeIslandAlissa said...

OOh yeah go for it!

And feel free to comment any time=)
Im following you now too!