Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life Update

Phwew! I am a tired lady.

This week is spinning by quickly. I am working 40+ hours between the two jobs, and today marked the last day of Microeconomics, as well as no more summer classes! That is a relief. I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Last night I got lesson one in how to drive a stick shift. It was 1 am, and Eileen, Jon and I went and got ice cream, and then decided to be creepy in the walmart parking lot. I promise I didnt break the car or run into anything. I did see a wild animal in the bushes, hard to say what it was because it was dark out. I have always wanted to learn for some reason. And thus begins my career as a manuel driver. Honestly.. I dont see the appeal. There are 35 things you have to do.. waaay to many steps for breaking, and how am I supposed to txt, use both feet, as well as mess around with a gear stick thingy. (just kidding about that txt thing btw). Even with these downfalls, it is a good thing to know how to do. Ahh, I am a little rocky, but practice makes perfect I suppose.

Up there ^^^ is a picture taken at my friends house wearing some creepy astronaut glasses I found on a shelf. Every Tuesday a buttload of us get together, make dinner, watch a movie, and play board games. I might have to say that my team generally wins (Im being humble. My team ALWAYS wins.)

Other than that, I might be taking a quick jaunt down to Washington DC to see my friend Nathan. Unless he comes up here. And hopefully Casey, Janelle, and Bryan are coming here for a few days in August.

Im kind of in the mood of "not believing it until I see it." Soo.. we will see what the month of August puts out. Im pumped.
Peace out.

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