Thursday, July 16, 2009

Found Alot of Things

This week went by very quickly and aggressively. My family was here, along with still having class and some other random activities. It was one of my favorite weeks so far this summer, for sure. My mom hasnt really been in Providence since before my freshman year, and my sister hasnt really seen too much in general. I made it my goal to show them all the things I am fond of plus wherever we ended up. Having a car this week and showing my family around aided in my discovery of some really interesting and new places in New England. (besides the time when it took 2.5 hours to get to Newport from Providence. I like to think "alternative route".. but whatever.)

I went on the Freedom Trail in Boston for the very first time. Surely a very touristy activity but I was sad to realize I have never walked it before. I completely recommend it. Old North Church, North End (with a necessary stop at Mikes Pastries for tasty cannoli), Bunker Hill, Paul Revere House, famous cemeteries... great exercise and it was just a really dandy time. 

Ocean Drive in Newport RI.. otherwise known as the Ten Mile Drive. It beautiful and stunning as you are surrounded by beautiful homes, the ocean, and gorgeous scenery. At one point we found a little cove with dozens of small rowboats and fishermen. Why have I never known about it? Dear lord, I wanted to drive it ten times in a row. 

Pawtuxet Village RI. So, I have vaguely heard of it before, but never really could figure out where it was. We stumbled upon it accidently while taking some misguided turns after admiring Save the Bay and the JWU Harborside campus. Its a little historical nugget of delight tucked amongst Providence and Cranston-ish. Waterside, quaint mainstreet USA, nice area. Definitely worth a drive through. 

We also ate at Harbourside Lobstermania in East Greenwich. They have the most ridiculously amazing lobster bisque, tasty seafood, great service, great atmosphere, and its right on the water. I always get the seafood platter which has baked scrod, stuffed shrimp, and scallops. I recommend it. My sister who has historically only ordered the chicken fingers, actually got a lobster club, and she LOVED it. I would recommend either. The prices vary depending on where you sit. The upscale/upstairs dining room is more classy, and expensive, but after a few visits we have realized that downstairs has the same menu for half the price and minus the salad bar.. which is ok with us. lol. 

Ohh. What a week.  What are your favorite places in New England that you like to show visitors or you like to visit? Any cool secret little tidbits? Please share=)


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