Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Can I bring Jewish pastries through airport security?"

Why ma'am the answer to that is yes, as long as they are not filled with gels, liquids, or explosives.

Oh thank God.

I am enjoying this time of my rotational life at the airport. Nights! I can sleep in until noon, then work the 2-9 or 3-9 shift. The only problem is that I dont have a life. But atleast I am catching up on sleep and rest and communication.. kind of.

Ahh yes.
Nights are also more entertaining. More people travel during weekend evenning hours than on a Tuesday at 7am. So they ask more questions. Even if some of them are dumb. haha. Today I realized that I have some work to do when it comes to academia. I rush through assignments too quickly and dont really read directions. I also dont manage my time well enough to get defined enough answers. blah blah. Sure. But I excel in presenting the destination and must sees in rhode island in a creative and targetted way. I also excel in customer service and have a full river of information. Which is all I care about. Getting things right when it comes to real life. I wish we had to make posters and designs and stuff about destinations. I would get an A++. Grades.. I supose they are important.. but.. I dont think they prove your intelligence at all. pfft.

Hmm. Hmm.
I made popcorn tonight. But I misjudged the capacity of the pot and it kind of ended up overflowing/exploding all over the stove and sink. Which is kind of funny if you ask me.

Now Im just drinking some Russian tea and zoning out. I cant focus. And no pictures today.

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